AccuCinch® Ventricular Restoration System

Recently, as a part of the CORCINCH-HF study, we treated the first patient in Oklahoma with an innovative new approach to heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. The AccuCinch® Ventricular Restoration System is intended for patients whose symptoms are not relieved with current medical care. 

What is heart failure?

Heart failure develops when your heart can no longer fill adequately or pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs. It is a chronic and progressive condition. Symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, and edema, or swelling. As it progresses, there is risk of damage to the kidneys and liver, as well as a higher risk of stroke and heart attack.

What is reduced ejection fraction?

Ejection fraction is a measure of the ability of the heart to pump blood. There are several different kinds of heart failure. In heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, the left ventricle of the heart fails to adequately pump the amount of blood the body needs. 

When the ventricle fills with blood, a portion of that blood is pumped out with each heartbeat. Normally, 50–70% of the blood is pumped out. A weak or damaged heart muscle cannot pump effectively. When less than 40% is pumped with each beat, it is considered reduced ejection fraction. 

How does AccuCinch Ventricular Restoration System help?

Currently, there is no cure for heart failure. Lifestyle changes can help alleviate symptoms and prolong life, and diuretics can be used to treat swelling. The AccuCinch System is an innovative therapy for those with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. It is placed in the interior of the left ventricle through the use of a minimally invasive catheter. 

Once placed, the AccuCinch System is cinched down, which reduces the size of the heart and supports the wall of the heart. The goal is also to stabilize the heart into the future, help it pump more efficiently, and overall reduce symptoms to improve quality of life for patients.

How does OHH Research Foundation help patients?

The OHH Research Foundation is part of many cutting-edge research trials. We took part in the study for the AccuCinch System and are proud to have placed the first system in the state of Oklahoma. As one of the largest cardiac research facilities in the United States, we are able to bring the latest technology and research to our patients while also furthering research for cardiac patients everywhere.