Mission and Values

It is our mission to provide excellence in quality and service.


EXCELLENCE We strive to attain the highest standards of perfo​rma​nce and outcomes.
PATIENT-FOCUS We place the patient at the center of our design and decisions.
DIGNITY We respect all persons and value their differences.
TEAMWORK We work together for the good of the patient and the organization.
COMPASSION We respond with care and empathy to the needs of others.
STEWARDSHIP We responsibly manage our resources.​​​​​​​​​​​


Serving the State, Leading the Nation

Patient Focus

“It is amazing how important the little details are in caring for those in need.
The smallest kindness and convenience can really matter… a lot.”

- Peggy Tipton, COO
   Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Oklahoma Heart Hospital is deeply committed to providing nursing care of the highest quality. Because of this, the best nurses gravitate to Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Once here, they often stay with us for much longer than the industry average. Additionally, they often have a much higher level of experience as a nurse. Our nurses on average have 9.5 years of nursing experience. Their work is pivotal in providing excellent medical care.

Oklahoma Heart Hospital was rated as the #1 Hospital in the nation in Patient Satisfaction

– Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

For more information about the patient experience at OHH, check out some of our patients’ testimonials and our patient's reviews on our Facebook page.

Accommodating Family

Because we recognize that family can be a vital part of the healing process, we encourage and accommodate family members' visits in a number of ways.

Each of our patients has a private patient room with a sleeping area for family that includes a pull-out bed for overnight stays. There are no visiting hours at our facilities, or designated meal times. Meals are served in a room-service fashion from our award-winning onsite restaurant that specializes in healthy cuisine. Upon arrival for a procedure — after utilizing our complementary valet parking — you and your family will receive a light-up pager that connects you with your physician.

In our private consultation rooms, physicians review the pending procedure with you and your family.

“As a Doctor, I have worked in many hospitals, and, in my opinion, many of the inconveniences that people face in a hospital environment are unnecessary and avoidable.

So when we sat down to design a hospital from the ground up, we wanted something better. We wanted our facility to be more efficient and comfortable for the patient and their family. We wanted a stay in our hospital to feel more like a stay in a nice hotel.”

- John R. Harvey, MD, CEO
  Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Research Focus

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation (OHHRF) is a non-profit research organization founded in 1993 by the physicians of Oklahoma Heart Hospital. OHHRF conducts investigational studies on new treatments for cardiovascular disease. As a result, their efforts have brought many medical firsts to Oklahoma.

Through dedication and expertise, the members of OHH Research Foundation are able to provide early access to the most advanced cardiovascular procedures, devices and medications available in the world.

Click here to learn more about the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation