Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation

Because Medical Research Matters

Through research comes innovation. Through innovation come new avenues of disease prevention and treatment. At Oklahoma Heart Hospital, research is at the center of what we do. Through clinical research, continuing medical education, and community service, the Oklahoma Heart Hospital Research Foundation (OHHRF) helps reduce the impact and severity of heart disease not only in Oklahoma but also around the world.

Working with the physicians and patients of Oklahoma Heart Hospital, OHHRF helps provide access to treatments currently being evaluated as part of a clinical research or clinical trial study. This can be important for those patients who cannot be adequately treated with standard therapies alone. In this way, OHHRF provides patients of OHH access to treatments that might not be available at other locations in Oklahoma.

A non-profit organization founded in 1993, OHHRF works to accomplish it's mission through clinical research, medical education, and community service.

Clinical Research

OHHRF is leading the way as one of the largest cardiovascular research sites in North America. Our team of doctors and scientists participate in clinical research studies that are testing new and better treatments for heart disease. Some of these studies have been used throughout Oklahoma, the United States and beyond.

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Medical Education

OHHRF is committed to education. In 2014, OHHRF began offering new educational services to specific sub-groups of medical providers. Oklahoma’s high rates of heart disease (top 3 in the USA consistently) illustrate a strong need for additional education about cardiovascular disease among Physician Assistants (PA), Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNP) and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS). That’s why OHHRF is providing free, accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses on heart disease topics to these practitioners in Oklahoma.

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Because every person should have access to specialized health care, OHHRF, in partnership with the Mercy Health Network, provides free access to a specialty medical clinic for the uninsured in Midwest City, Oklahoma. Patients seen by the Health Alliance for the Uninsured that require specialty medical care can visit the The Medical Clinic for the Uninsured to receive treatment from specialists such as cardiologists, nephrologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists and others. This clinic is designed to complement the services of the Health Alliance for the Uninsured, who provide general or Primary Care Physician services to the uninsured in the Oklahoma City area. Together, these entities work to provide a greater range of health care services to members of the local community in need.

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